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Connecting Industries to Cost Effective Water Recycling Solutions

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From Waste to Resource: Turn Water into Wealth

At H2O Allegiant, we turn this commitment into action.


We unite industries with premier water recycling solutions, enhancing cost-efficiency and sustainability. Plus, we streamline the vital process of securing financing for these investments.


Fearing Water Shortages and Increased Costs Impacting Your Operations?

We offer recycling solutions to ensure a dependable water source. Secure your water supply and cut costs significantly.

Overwhelmed by Water Technology Complexity? We've Got You Covered.

 Allegiant simplifies the search. Our vetted network delivers the perfect solution. Trust our expertise to guide your choice.

Overwhelmed by the Search for Water Solutions?

We act as your back office, offering curated solutions, saving your time and money. Finding a water solution becomes an opportunity, not a task.

Do you have any of these problems?

Our perks



Access to Elite Water Tech Providers

We meticulously vet our installers for reputation, licensing, certifications, experience, and service quality.



Effortless Online Quote Comparison

Receive and compare multiple quotes online, presented in a clear apples-to-apples format.

Expert Guidance and Risk Mitigation

Leverage our water technology expertise to avoid costly mistakes and ensure top-notch solutions.


Cost and Time Efficiency


Our service is cost-free, secures preferential rates, and saves time by managing complex processes and providing comprehensive project insights.

Simplified Financing and Provider Choices

We facilitate financing access, standardize provider comparisons, and streamline communications for seamless project execution.

Why us?

15 years experience in the water industry

Vast network built over more than a decade of trusted technologies

How We Do It

Survey Completion

Begin by filling out a brief survey to help us understand your needs and project costs.

Commit to H2O Allegiant

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Your firm commitment is essential. Rest assured, our services are cost-free, with supplier commissions covering the costs.

Document Sharing

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Provide necessary documentation for water solution evaluation at your facilities.

Review and Proposal

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We'll meticulously review your information and generate a tailored proposal.

Project Tender

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We'll invite suppliers to submit proposals, ensuring your confidentiality.

Winner Selection

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Choose the best water technology and financing options from our simplified recommendations.

Contract Signing

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Sign essential purchase orders and financing contracts.

Project Implementation

H20 ALLEGIANT (1)_edited.png

Watch as your water solution project begins to take shape.


Celebrate your success in establishing a new water source, all while working with top-tier suppliers and saving time and costs.

Without H2O Allegiant

Tedious sales process

Limited transparency

Only one offer

With H2O Allegiant

Hassle free services

Educational approach

Multiple offers to pick from


Ready to begin your journey with H2O Allegiant?

Fill out our questionnaire below.

We Believe it is Everyone's Job To Ensure Water Availability & Sanitation for All. 
Join The Transition to A Water-Secure World

H20 Allegiant Water Recycling Solutions
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