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Water Offset Tokens

A WOT (Water Offset Token) is a universal, unified, and certified digital asset.

It represents the volume of water, sourced from a portfolio of projects, that has been newly captured or treated. This accomplishment in water management would not have been realized without these dedicated initiatives. Regardless of the project's location or scope, each WOT represents an
actual volume of water handled in an environmentally responsible manner.


This universality enables the WOT to incentivize water conservation globally, promoting new initiatives in water capture and treatment, and fostering responsible water management practices across borders. Moreover, by leveraging WOTs, corporations can offset their water consumption, demonstrating a tangible commitment to water conservation, and signaling to the world their dedication to environmental stewardship.

WOT Creation Process


Inactive Implementation

Various water management projects are undertaken globally to capture or treat water from different sources. These projects could include efforts such as rainwater harvesting, water purification, wetland restoration, wastewater treatment, and more. These initiatives are dedicated to improving water management and ensuring responsible water usage.


Certification and Verification

Once a water management project is successfully implemented and operational, it goes through a certification and verification process. This process confirms that the project adheres to environmental standards and is genuinely contributing to water conservation.


Measurement and Volume Calculation

The volume of water that has been newly captured or treated by the certified project is measured and calculated accurately. This volume represents the achievement in watermanagement brought about by the initiative.


Creation of WOT

Based on the measured volume of water, a corresponding amount of Water Offset Tokens (WOTs) is generated in a digital format. Each WOT represents the specific volume of water that has been responsibly managed by the certified project.

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